The rules of this forum

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The rules of this forum

Post by Admin on Mon May 04, 2015 1:15 am

There are certain ground rules to obey to keep this forum friendly

1 no bad language or shouting like using capital letters

2 no rude videos like pornographic or inappropriate use of videos

3 always respect each other even in tournaments spirit of the game

4 fair play no hacking on games I will give you 4 warnings if you don't go by the rules I will ask you to leave the forum

5 always check with the other players time clock to see if that person can battle or trade or race or smash

6. Do not spam it can be offensive and annoying

7 don't ask for legendary pokemon that have not be released until it has an English release don't ask for a legendary pokemon for low leveled pokemon

8 when you playing pokemon oras or x and y and win a battle against a gym leader or a tournament try to get a video or a number of the video to see if who won to advance to next stage.

Thank you for reading these rules and if you enter tournaments Good Luck


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